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My name is Thomas Peter Iredale and I was born on 7th March 1943 in Litherland, Liverpool, GB and educated at St Mary’s College, Crosby, Lancs and Salesian College, Farnborough, Hants. Both my grandfather and great-grandfather, as well as many uncles and cousins, were mariners; my father broke this tradition and served in the Royal Air Force for 35 years in various parts of the world. Whilst stationed in Egypt in the late 1930's, he met and married my mother, who was French.

With "Air Force blue" in my blood, so to speak, I also joined the Royal Air Force in 1962 and retired as a Flight Lieutenant (or Captain if you are unfamiliar with Air Force terms) in 1975, whilst still stationed in Germany and remained there. Since then, I have been working in various managerial capacities for a medium-sized, but very international German company near Heidelberg. I live in Heidelberg and have travelled extensively to various parts of the world.

Apart from English, my languages are German, French and passable Italian -Spanish became rusty. Sports include jogging, squash (now mainly fond memories...) and working out in the gym.

Main interests are 19th Century maritime history, digital photography and classical music (& homepage construction, of course).