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The Daily Post 

Monday, 30th October 1899

The Late Mr. Peter Iredale - Impressive Ceremony

(Comments by the author are in italics)

The funeral of the late Mr. Peter Iredale took place on Saturday afternoon last, at the quiet churchyard of Bebington, in the presence of a large and representative gathering of mourners, testifying to the esteem and regard in which the deceased was held by all classes. His death came as a heavy blow to the shipping community, with which he had been connected d for the past 20 years as senior partner in the firm of Iredale and Porter. The funeral cortège left the residence of the deceased, Leith Villa, New Ferry Park, shortly after 2 o’clock and proceeded to the cemetery, where it was met by the Rev H.G. Roberts (Warrington), who officiated in the church and at the graveside.

In the course of an address in the church, the rev. Gentleman said:- "I think this gathering this afternoon bears witness to the nobility of Mr. Iredale’s character. You who are here can speak better than I can of the indelible impression he has made upon the minds and hearts of those in Liverpool, and I was very much struck with the words taken from a reference to the deceased by Mr. John Hughes, ‘ that his word was his bond’. I cannot say much of Mr. Iredale’s commercial life, but I am glad to say that I was with him a few hours before he died and can bear testimony to his unswerving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ."

The chief Mourners were:

Mr. Henry Iredale (son), (Joseph Henry Iredale 1859-1948)

Mr. Cecil Iredale (grandson),

Mr. John Porter (son-in-law), (John Porter 1860-1934; partner in P. Iredale & Porter Ltd)

Mrs. Porter (daughter), (Martha Lizzie nèe Iredale, 1861-1934)

Miss Porter, (most probably Ada May Eleanora Porter, eldest daughter of John and Martha Lizzie Porter)

Messrs William and Fred Archer (nephews),

Miss Annie Archer (niece),

Messrs John Fisher, Samuel Byers JP. TJ Porter and Captain T Barklay (Belfast),

William Porter JP (Green Island), (father of John Porter and Belfast shipowner)

Mrs. Ellwood (relative), Mr. R Watson (Maryport), Rev and Mrs. Hartley (Ulverston),

Captain Penny (marine superintendent of the company), A. Hannay (partner), TJ Miners,

AL Marsh,

J Gillison, A. Dalzell, C. Dalzell and W. Lowden.

Gathered around the graveside were noticeable many of the shipowners of Liverpool, including Messrs.

RW Furness,

C Emmet,

AT Marcroft,

John Hughes (John Hughes & Co),

Geo A Wilson (J & W Wilson),

J M’Keand (J M’Keand & Co),

J Rae (J & J Rae & Co),

WH Corsar, J Rea, J Rogerson, J Bell, RA Walmsley, J Graham, WB Journsay, T Power, JL Ellis, C Gething, RG Worsley, O. Westrup, C Lloyd, J Edgar, TC Gordon Kerr, J M'Crindall, JWW Huddleston, H Dickinson, J Kennaugh, C Temple, M Stuart, JA Everett,

E. Lennon (Liver Steamtug Co),

T. Iredale (this is most probably the great-grandfather of the author)

T Johnson, S Cross, T Muncaster Jones, RC Dagg, M Hutchinson Ashbridge, and

Captain John G Moor (Secretary Merchant Services Guild),

Captain GC Thomas RNR (Secretary Liverpool Branch of the Navy League),

Captain Pearson,

Captain Owens

Captain Bremner (training ship Indefatigable), &c.

A company of the boys from the Indefatigable were also in attendance and lined up on each side of the cemetery gateway as the cortege proceeded up to the church.

The coffin was covered with a large number of wreaths and floral tributes which included one from Mr. and

Mrs. J Henry Iredale, (she was Anne Porter 1862-1940)

Mr. and Mrs. John Porter,

Miss Archer and

Miss Joseph,

Mr. J William Archer,

Messrs Stuart and Douglas, Messrs TC Danson and GS Lloyd Davies, Mr. Andrew Hannay, Mr. Fred J Miners, Mr. Miles Burnyeat, Mr. and Mrs. TB Stott, Mr. GM Bushby, Mr. A Hannay, Mr. A Dalzell, Mr. Wm. Lowden, Mrs. Gerard, Mr. and Mrs. Watson,

Captain J Penny,

Captain AJ Whelan,

Captain J and Mrs. Rimington,

Captain M and Mrs. Barkley,

Captain J and Mrs. Fraser

and the office staff.


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Liverpool Mercury

Friday, October 27th 1899

Death of a Liverpool Ship owner

The news of the death of Mr. Peter Iredale. of New Ferry Park, Birkenhead. will be received with regret by a large section of the shipping community About a month ago, he retired from his firm Messrs Peter Iredale and Porter, ship owners, Old Church Yard, Liverpool, owing to ill health and died yesterday in the 77th year of his age. Mr. Iredale was a native of Cumberland and during the last twenty years traded in this city as a ship owner, being well known on ‘Change. and widely esteemed. In earlier times he acted as super cargo master on the West Coast of Africa. The deceased gentleman was a valued member of the Conservative body. The funeral will take place at Bebington cemetery, tomorrow (Saturday) at 2.30.


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The Daily Post (2)

Friday, October 27th 1899

Death of Mr. Peter Iredale

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Peter Iredale of the firm Messrs Peter Iredale and Porter. which took place early yesterday morning, at New Ferry Park, New Ferry, at the age of seventy six. Mr. Iredale had been for some time in failing health, but only retired from the firm about a month ago. The deceased gentleman was a native of Cumberland having been born in the vicinity of Cockermouth. For over twenty years he had been a ship owner in Liverpool. but long before that time he was intimately associated with the shipping trade.  At one period he was super cargo and coast master on the West African coast on behalf of Messrs Stuart and Douglas. He was a man of great vigour and possessed an iron constitution. He fought down fearlessly. almost scornfully attacks of all kinds, recovering from Yellow Jack, coast fevers, and other troubles, until he became almost immured from decease. While many others perished on that fatal coast, he triumphed over every disease by which he was assailed. Mr. Iredale was well known on ‘Change and highly esteemed by all with whom he came in contact. He was a familiar figure in Conservative circles, though beyond frequent pecuniary contributions he did not appear much in politics. He was a Nonconformist of a retiring disposition. He was a man of the old type, straight as an arrow, open hearted, and with ever a cheery word on his tongue. He had not an enemy but enjoyed the friendship of hosts of men He leaves one son and a daughter. the latter being married to Mr. John Porter. who now succeeds to the business as head of the firm.

Before commencing the proceedings yesterday at Hughes’s shipping auctions. the auctioneer (Mr. Hughes) made reference to the death of Mr. Peter Iredale, the owner of the Martha Fisher, at the advanced age of seventy-seven years and referred to him as one of Liverpool’s old fashioned ship owners; keen, straight forward and very practical; one whose word was as good as his bond in all his transactions and who would be long remembered by his fellow shipowners.

Liverpool Worthies - Micro film - Volume 17 pp. 124


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The Liverpool Courier

Friday, October 27th 1899

Death of a Liverpool Ship Owner

The death of Mr. Peter Iredale. head of the firm of Messrs Iredale and Porter, ship owners, Liverpool, will be heard of with regret in this community. Mr. Iredale, who was in the 77th year died yesterday at his residence, New Ferry. For over twenty years he had been a well known figure in shipping circles. Before he became an owner, he was super cargo and coast master for Messrs Stuart and Douglas on the west coast of Africa. During his sojourn on the West Coast he went through many serious attacks of illness, and the result was that he became proof against the worst that these tropical diseases could do. Mr. Iredale was a Cumberland man, whose breezy manner and opened hearted nature endeared him to all with whom he came in contact. In political opinion he was an adherent of Conservatism, but he never took a prominent part in the struggles of the party.

Hr Hughes. the shipping auctioneer, at a sale yesterday alluded to the death of Mr. Iredale. who he said was one of Liverpool’s old fashioned ship owners, keen in business, straight forward, practical and one whose word was as good as his bond in all his business transactions. The funeral takes place tomorrow at Bebington Cemetery.


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